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The Social Benefits of Charter-School Funding

Posted on 10/18/2014

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Charter schools represent a lucrative investment for all of society, according to the Oregon Catalyst. In fact, these institutions may get more out of each dollar than public schools.

Vindy reports on a politician who criticizes charter-school funding because some schools appear to be underperforming; however, a recent study analyzes the cost-effectiveness and overall return on investing among different types of public schools. The Productivity of Public Charter Schools rated the District of Columbia and 28 states according to the productivity of their charter schools as related to traditional public schools.

On average, researchers find that public charter schools receive 36 percent less funding than public schools in the same district. Though that means charter schools are significantly underfunded when compared to public schools, data analysts find that charter-school students in many of the states score higher in both math and reading at the eighth-grade level on the National Assessment of Education Program. Experts speculate the effectiveness of many charter schools relates to maintaining greater discipline than traditional schools when it comes to spending the education dollars they receive.

In fact, researchers find that increasing public funding for schools does not necessarily translate into higher test scores. Instead of simply spending more on education, administrators need to assess what they already spend money on and where it actually goes. Charter schools manage to do more with less, which is impressive in itself, but that doesn't mean they have to continue underfunded in today's modern world.

Magii Inc. offers charter-school benefits consulting to the New York,New Jersey and Connecticut areas to help charter schools recruit, reward and retain their valuable teaching and administrative talent.  A leading employee-benefits consultant, MAGii Inc. has been working for charter schools since 2000. We have served more than 100 organizations and consider it an honor to work with schools that help shape America's future.

Countless studies confirm the many benefits of investing in education for today's youth, and the success of charter schools highlights the fact that every dollar can go a long way. This doesn't mean charter schools couldn't use a little extra help, though, which is why MAGii Inc. stands at the ready.

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