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Time for a Mid-Year Review!

Time for a Mid-Year Review!

Posted on 05/14/2015

by Mark A Gajowski II, CFP & Founder

Ah, Finally warmer!!  With the sun coming out, temperatures rising and longer days…  Now is an ideal time to reassess your progress towards your goals, and to tackle long-overlooked paperwork. Specifically with your finances!

Here are a few basic guidelines that may enhance your chances for success:

1)    Make certain you have specific goals!  No matter how big or small your goals are the most important thing is to get control of your spending.  As the old saying goes, “even a small hole can sink a great ship”!  You cannot move forward without getting control of those drains!!  

2)    Re-evaluate how much you are saving!  Now that you have a better handle on expenses/spending, figure out how much you are saving, and determine to save more.  Saying goes, “I asked my future self if more money was appropriate, and it was a resounding YES!”

3)    Rainy Day Fund – part of the savings you have from step 2 should be set aside for a liquid emergency fund.  With rates so low, it’s not prudent to save 6 months of cash in liquid investments… Saying goes “money isn’t everything, but it calms my nerves!”.

4)    Update and Organize.  Make certain you keep the necessary historical documents (insert our records retention “link” to post on our site).  Rest can be shredded – perhaps at our annual Shred Fest?!

5)    Review and Consolidate.


We have many tools that can help you get organized, including our online wealth management portal (have hyperlinked) that lets you track all your assets and accounts, wherever they may be!

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