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magii Wealth Management Portal

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Our Advanced Wealth Management Tool

Our newly enhanced, Personal Wealth Management Portal provides you with a level of coordination and control over your financial matters that was previously unavailable, leveraging the absolute best that technology has to offer. Best of all, we provide this tool as a value added feature of working with us at magii and allows our team to better serve your financial needs.

Personal Wealth Management Portal enables you to:

  1. View all of your accounts together, with balances updated daily
    Investment accounts, bank accounts, annuities, mortgage balances, credit card balances, stock option information, etc. can all be viewed and tracked, with balances updated daily. You can also list real estate, art, collectibles, life insurance, and any other personal assets.
  2. Store all of your important documents in one place
    Wills, trusts, living wills, powers of attorney, property deeds, business agreements, tax returns, insurance policies, medical information, property appraisals, birth certificates, drivers licenses, passports, and any other important documents can be scanned to your “personal secure digital vault” that you can access from anywhere in the world through an internet connection.
  3. Collaborate more effectively with your advisors
    With the Personal Wealth Management Portal, you can collaborate with your advisors by giving online access to specific documents in your digital vault to specific advisors. For example, you could allow your accountant to view your tax returns, your attorney to view your wills and trusts, etc. You can also print updated reports such as cash flow, balance sheets, projected estate taxes, asset allocation, insurance summaries, and more.
  4. Create alerts for important tasks
    Personal Wealth Management Portal allows you to set up automatic reminders to yourself — sent directly to your email address — for anything from anniversaries and birthdays to tax filing dates and CD maturity dates. It also allows you to create automatic alerts if an account balance goes below a certain amount, a stock option grant is about to expire, or your asset allocation has changed beyond a pre-set range.
  5. Track all of your award programs in one place
    Personal Wealth Management Portal allows you to track in one place your frequent flyer miles, hotel award points, credit card awards programs, and other point programs in which you participate.


Learn more about the advanced security features of our wealth management tool.